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Large-arc 90-degree Watertight Corrugated Tubing Fittings

Thread: Metric

Materials: UL approved Halogen-Free Nylon PA66(Flammability UL 94V-2)for A.C.F parts, (Accept to make flammability UL 94V-0 ).Weather-resistant EPDM rubber for B.D parts. (Accept to make super rubber: resist high temperature rubber, resist strong acid/alkali,etc).

Protection degree: IP68

Working temperature: -40℃ to 100℃ in static state,or instantaneous heat resistance up to 120℃;  -20℃ to 80℃ in dynamic state,or instantaneous heat resistance up to 100℃

Features: This super high tensile 90 degree bend type connector can be fixed according to the established angle of the conduit, and greatly reduce the space required for bending, but also to prevent excessive bending of the conduit caused by damage or shorten the life of the cable, as well as protect the cable bending parts.

This product is perfectly resistant to water pressure, and is a product that can maintain a complete airtight seal even when the bellows is pulled. The product is widely used in mobile automation equipment for waterproof, oilproof and airtight applications.

Colours: Black(RAL9005)、gray(RAL7035),other color available upon request.

Large-arc 90-degree Watertight Corrugated Tubing Fittings(Waterproof IP68, strong tensile strength, environmentally friendly material)

Thread Item. No. Cable Range
Thread O.D
Thread Length
Accommodated Pipes
M12×1.5 QEWTF-M12-5.5-AD10.0 4-5.5mm 12mm 9mm AD10.0
M12×1.5 QEWTF-M12-8.0-AD10.0 6-8mm 12mm 9mm AD10.0
M16×1.5 QEWTF-M16-7.0-AD13.0 4-7mm 16mm 10mm AD13.0
M16×1.5 QEWTF-M16-10.0-AD13.0 6-10mm 16mm 10mm AD13.0
M20×1.5 QEWTF-M20-11.0-AD15.8 6-11mm 20mm 15mm AD15.8
M20×1.5 QEWTF-M20-14.0-AD15.8 9-14mm 20mm 15mm AD15.8
M20×1.5 QEWTF-M20-11.0-AD18.5 10-13mm 20mm 15mm AD18.5
M20×1.5 QEWTF-M20-14.0-AD18.5 12-15mm 20mm 15mm AD18.5
M25×1.5 QEWTF-M25-16.0-AD21.2 10-16mm 25mm 15mm AD21.2
M25×1.5 QEWTF-M25-18.0-AD21.2 13-18mm 25mm 15mm AD21.2