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Large arc 90°degree double fixed for cables and flexible pipes gland

Thread: Metric, PG, G (PF), and NPT thread
Materials: UL approved Halogen-Free Nylon PA66(Flammability UL 94V-2)for A.C.E.F.H parts;, (Accept to make flammability UL 94V-0 );Weather-resistant EPDM rubber for B.D parts. (Accept to make super rubber: resist high temperature rubber, resist strong acid/alkali,etc).
Working temperature: -40℃ to 100℃ in static state,or instantaneous heat resistance up to 120℃.
Product features: The corner shape is used in the corner environment. Can fasten cable and conduit at the same time.
Colours: Black(RAL9005)、gray(RAL7035),other color available upon request.

Accommodated Pipes Item. No. Cable Range
Thread O.D. Thread Length
AD13 ITF-AD13+QECG-M12E-5.5-ST 4-5.5mm 12mm 10mm
AD13 ITF-AD13+QECG-M12E-8-ST 6-8mm 12mm 10mm
AD15.8 ITF-AD15.8+QECG-M16E-7-ST 4-7mm 16mm 10mm
AD15.8 ITF-AD15.8+QECG-M16E-10-ST 6-10mm 16mm 10mm
AD21.2 ITF-AD21.2+QECG-M20E-11 6-11mm 20mm 15mm
AD21.2 ITF-AD21.2+QECG-M20E-14 9-14mm 20mm 15mm
AD25.0 ITF-AD25.0+QECG-M25E-16 10-16mm 25mm 15mm
AD25.0 ITF-AD25.0+QECG-M25E-18 13-18mm 25mm 15mm
AD34.5 ITF-AD34.5+QECG-M32E-22 15-22mm 32mm 15mm
AD34.5 ITF-AD34.5+QECG-M32E-25 18-25mm 32mm 15mm
AD42.5 ITF-AD42.5+QECG-M40E-26 20-26mm 32mm 15mm
AD42.5 ITF-AD42.5+QECG-M40E-31 24-31mm 32mm 15mm
AD54.5 ITF-AD54.5+QECG-M50E-36 25-33mm 50mm 20mm
AD54.5 ITF-AD54.5+QECG-M50E-41 33-41mm 50mm 20mm