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Superb pullout strength corrugated tubing fittings (Quick-fit)-patent

Material: NYLON PA

Install for Use:

1. Put the body of corrugated tubing fittings into panel mounting hole, assembly can then be secured in the panel by the locknut. 

2. Insert the corrugated tubing into the tubing fittings, then tightens the domed sealing nut.

Color: Black, light grey, other color available upon request

Thread type: Metric, PG thread. Other threads available upon request.

Application: Superb pullout strength, suitable for each material (PA/PE/PP) corrugated tubing etc, ignore the material of corrugated tubing and performance, can solve the issues of split plastic corrugated tubing to join and fixed, can quick-fit to assemble, superb pullout strength and waterproof performance.

Maximum cable to
cross Ф
Item. No. Thread AG Outer
Length GL
Pkg (pcs)
AD15.8 Ф9.5 QNE-M16-15.8 M16 x 1.5 16 15 50
AD15.8 Ф9.5 QNE-M20-15.8 M20 x 1.5 20 15 50
AD15.8 Ф9.5 QNE-PG16-15.8 PG16 22.5 10.8 50
AD18.5 Ф10.2 QNE-M16-18.5 M16 x 1.5 16 15 50
AD18.5 Ф10.2 QNE-M20-18.5 M20 x 1.5 20 15 50
AD18.5 Ф12 QNE-PG16-18.5 PG16 22.5 10.8 50