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Metal reducers, metal enlargers

Thread: Metric, PG, G (PF), and NPT thread
Material: Brass with nickel plated
Application: To allow switching between different thread outside diameter. For example, from large metric external thread to small metric using. We also can make as your request for this product.

Thread Item. No. Thread
M16×1.5 M12×1.5 M16M12 6.0mm 8.5mm 18mm 10
M20×1.5 M16×1.5 M20M16 6.5mm 9.0mm 22mm 10
M25×1.5 M20×1.5 M25M20 7.0mm 10.0mm 30mm 10
M32×1.5 M25×1.5 M32M25 8.0mm 11.5mm 40mm 10
M40×1.5 M32×1.5 M40M32 9.0mm 12.5mm 50mm 10
M50×1.5 M40×1.5 M50M40 10.0mm 14.0mm 59mm 10
M63×1.5 M50×1.5 M63M50 10.0mm 14.0mm 67mm 10
PG11 PG7 PG11PG7
PG11 PG9 PG11PG9
PG13.5 PG7 PG13.5PG7
PG13.5 PG9 PG13.5PG9
PG13.5 PG11 PG13.5PG11
PG16 PG7 PG16PG7
PG16 PG9 PG16PG9
PG16 PG11 PG16PG11
PG16 PG13.5 PG16PG13.5
PG21 PG11 PG21PG11
PG21 PG13.5 PG21PG13.5
PG21 PG16 PG21PG16
PG29 PG13.5 PG29PG13.5
PG29 PG16 PG29PG16
PG29 PG21 PG29PG21
PG36 PG21 PG36PG21
PG36 PG29 PG36PG29
PG42 PG29 PG42PG29
PG42 PG36 PG42PG36
PG48 PG36 PG48PG36
PG48 PG42 PG48PG42
PG9 PG11 PG9PG11
PG11 PG13.5 PG11PG13.5
PG11 PG16 PG11PG16
PG11 PG21 PG11PG21
PG13.5 PG16 PG13.5PG16
PG13.5 PG21 PG13.5PG21
PG16 PG21 PG16PG21
PG16 PG29 PG16PG29
PG21 PG29 PG21PG29
PG29 PG36 PG29PG36
PG36 PG42 PG36PG42
PG42 PG48 PG42PG48
M16 M12 M16M12
M18 M16 M18M16
M20 M12 M20M12
M20 M16 M20M16
M20 M18 M20M18
M24 M20 M24M20
M25 M16 M25M16
M25 M24 M25M24
M25 M20 M25M20
M27 M16 M27M16
M27 M18 M27M18
M27 M25 M27M25
M30 M27 M30M27
M32 M16 M32M16
M32 M20 M32M20
M32 M24 M32M24
M32 M25 M32M25
M40 M25 M40M25
M40 M32 M40M32
M50 M25 M50M25
M50 M32 M50M32
M50 M40 M50M40
M63 M40 M63M40
M63 M50 M63M50
M12 M16 M12M16
M12 M20 M12M20
M16 M18 M16M18
M16 M20 M16M20
M16 M25 M16M25
M18 M20 M18M20
M20 M24 M20M24
M20 M25 M20M25
M20 M32 M20M32
M25 M30 M25M30
M25 M32 M25M32
M25 M40 M25M40
M30 M36 M30M36
M32 M40 M32M40
M36 M48 M36M48
M40 M50 M40M50
PG9 M16 PG9M16
PG9 M20 PG9M20
PG11 M20 PG11M20
PG21 M20 PG21M20
PG16 M25 PG16M25
PG16 M32 PG16M32
PG21 M32 PG21M32
PG21 M40 PG21M40
PG9 G3/8L PG9G3/8L
PG11 G3/4 PG11G3/4
PG11 G3/8L PG11G3/8L
PG16 G1/2 PG16G1/2
PG16 G3/4 PG16G3/4
M16 G1/2 M16G1/2
M16 NPT1/2 M16NPT1/2
M20 NPT1/2 M20NPT1/2
M20 G1/2 M20G1/2
M20 G3/4 M20G3/4
M25 G3/4 M25G3/4
M32 G1-1/4 M32G1-1/4
M40 G1-1/4 M40G1-1/4
M16 PG7 M16PG7
M16 PG9 M16PG9
M18 PG11 M18PG11
M20 PG11 M20PG11
M24 PG11 M24PG11
M20 PG13.5 M20PG13.5
M20 PG16 M20PG16
M25 PG16 M25PG16
M30 PG16 M30PG16
M32 PG16 M32PG16
M25 PG21 M25PG21
M32 PG21 M32PG21
M24 PG29 M24PG29
M40 PG29 M40PG29
G1 M27 G1M27
G1 G1-1/4 G1G1-1/4
G1/2 PG9 G1/2PG9
G1/2 PG11 G1/2PG11
G1/2 PG16 G1/2PG16
G1/2 PG16T G1/2PG16T
G1/4 PG16 G1/4PG16
G3/4 PG16